Contra Costa In-home Care Meal Preparation

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Keeping a healthy lifestyle for old adults is important and it all starts with proper meal preparation. Love And Care Caregiving Services understands this and that is the reason why we provide in-home cooking always keeping in mind our clients to ensure the experience is always enjoyable with every meal. Our caregivers will prepare meals to match specific dietary needs and food our clients prefer allowing them to have a home-cooked meal while getting the benefits of proper nutrition without having to prepare them on their own. 

What Is Meal Preparation?

Love And Care Caregiving Services includes form preparing nutritious meals to serving them to our clients. We do not deliver the meals, what we do is to cook what our clients want or need that is beneficial to their health. We also take into consideration any dietary needs or restrictions our clients may have. You can say we are like your personal chef at the comfort of your home!

What Should I Expect From Your Meal Prep Service?

You can expect our caregivers to prepare nutritious meals and encourage it as well. We can also:

  • Preparing healthy snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • Following all dietary restrictions.
  • Providing a healthy diet for your loved one, if needed.
  • Helping to plan all meals.
  • Monitoring your loved one’s eating habits such as the amount of food that is eaten and the amount of fluids that are consumed.

Some Things to Consider

  • Many seniors have dietary restrictions — diabetic diets, low-sodium diets, low-sugar diets. Our caregivers can work with our clients and their loved ones to come up with a plan for healthy meals to ensure that proper nutrition is being met.
  • The kitchen can be a dangerous place for seniors. There are heavy objects, high cabinets, and hot appliances. We can work with older adults to help them prepare meals safely. We also help with cleanup to prevent the spread of bacteria or food-borne illness.

When Ready To Start Services...

Love And Care Caregiving Services Meal Preparation, is tailored to meet the individual needs of each one of our clients. Our goal is to build and nurture meaningful relationships with all of our clients while assisting with their daily personal care routines so they can look and feel their best. If interested in getting more information, call us today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ to set up your FREE in-home assessment​​​​​​​ to learn if personal care is right for your loved one.